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We’re so glad you are interested in our research! Before you reach out, read our social contract below that covers lab inclusivity to make sure we are a good fit.

Our lab is dedicated to creating a welcoming learning and working environment, one that is inclusive and values your race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, nation of origin, culture, religion, disability, and beliefs. We firmly accept that we will learn and achieve more together as a diverse team. As a lab, we recognize and understand that we each have unique experiences that another may never understand. We are committed to confronting and challenging our own biases and beliefs, while being in solidarity with those who have too often faced systemic oppression.

Interested students can come to University of Wisconsin- Madison via either the MicrobiologyGenetics, or the Integrated Biology programs. For very motivated students and in special circumstances we have directly admitted students in the past. Check out the above links and contact PI Currie (currie at to get the conversation started. 

We are always interested in motivated postdoctoral fellows to join our team. If you want an opportunity to learn about and work on projects involving symbiosis, microbiology, evolution, and genomics, email us!

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