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Bactoberfest through the ages

Wednesday, November 09, 2016
by Lily Khadempour

The Currie Lab has a rich history participating in the annual Department of Bacteriology Halloween party, known far and wide, as Bactoberfest. Every year, the department dresses up to a particular theme, and every year, the Currie Lab goes all out. Bactoberfest has a competition which includes performance in games, creating scary foods, and most importantly, the costume competition. The Currie Lab has never won, but there's always next year!*

So without further ado, let's go back in time, and look at some photos from years past. 



Overal theme: Classics

Currie Lab theme: Greek mythology

Back row: Edna (Phoenix), Honjie (generic god), Xia (generic god), Caitlin (Eurydice), Marc (Hermes), Aiden (Zeus), Cameron (Hades), Huan (Sisyphus), Zach (Perseus), Bradon (Poseidon), Jenny (Dionysus), Josh (generic god)
Front row: Camila (Prometheus), Rachel (Athena), Lily (Achilles), Colin (generic god), Katherine (Medusa), Amber (generic god), Colleen (generic god)

Preparations in the Currie Lab, before heading down for the main event.

Dionysus and Eurydice embodying their true spirits. 



Overall theme: Book series

Currie Lab theme: A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

It took quite a bit of work fashioning Drogo's head out of paper maché. But it was worth it in the end. Gina combined it with a great costume, to create a frightening, yet graceful dragon.

Steven (Brother of the Night's Watch), Robb (George R.R. Martin), Camila (Jon Snow), Katherine (Arya), Will (Bran), Daniel (Littlefinger), Jenn (Oleanna), Gina (Drogo), Jenny (Ygritte), Lily (Elaria), Cameron (King of the White Walkers), Caitlin (Daenerys), Sam (Tormund), Madison (Melisandre), Mitch (Hodor), Bradon (King Joffrey)

The author stands next to some of his creations.

Daenarys rides her favorite dragon, Drogo.



Overall theme: TV shows

Currie Lab theme: The Walking Dead


Sam and Mitch get zombified.

Most of the zombie possie is gathered, searching for fresh meat. 



Overall theme: Cartoons

Currie Lab theme: The Flintstones

In 2013 we pulled out all the stops. We built a Flintstones people-powered car, had an actual baby dressed up as Pebbles, and wrote our own theme song: 

Currie Lab. Meet the Currie Lab.
They're the leaf-cutter ant researchers
Their lab's on the sixth floor
They're going on an adventure

They study bacteria and and fungi
Through the grants that Cameron finds

When you're with the Currie Lab
you'll have a yabba dabba doo time.
A dabba doo time.
You'll have a gay old time.

Lily and Julia assemble the Flintstones car in the hallway because it would not fit in the lab.

Fred Flintstone (Adam) and his daughter Pebbles (Annabelle).

The whole crew assembled. Generic character, Mr. Slate, Bamm-Bamm Rubble, Wilma Fintstone, Betty Rubble, The Great Gazoo, Barney Rubble, Pearl Slaghoople, Fred Flintstone, Pebble Flintstone, Baby Puss, Dino.



Overall theme: Books

Currie Lab theme: Alice in Wonderland

Gina prepares her flamingo wings. 

The whole lab is lined up on the second floor stairs of MSB, having their costumes judged. 

The Madhatter (Lily), The White Rabbit (Rele), Blue Caterpillar (Kirk), Tweedle Dum (Frank), and Card Soldier (Adam) gather around Adrienne, a former lab undergrad. 



Overall theme: Board games

Currie Lab theme: Scrabble

Frank works diligently on the Scrabble piece assembly line. 

The Currie Lab made some fantastic Scrabble pieces. C-Adrienne, U-Gina, R-Frank, R-Sarah, I-Alissa, E-Bradon, L-Kirk, A-Lily, B-Jonathan, Z-Charlie.

The best part was spelling out other words with our pieces. Most of those images are not appropriate for the Currie Lab website. 

Alissa was tuckered at the end of the night and made a blanket out of the letters.



Overall theme: Video games

Currie Lab theme: Guitar Hero

The earliest record we have of Currie Lab participation in Bactoberfest was from 2010, though there may have been earlier entries involving robots, or something else. Even if this was not the earliest Currie Lab Bactoberfest, it was certainly one of the most memorable. 

Joe, Adam and Kirk get prepared to show off. 

The whole crew is assembled and rocking out. 

Whatever sound is coming out of that fake plastic guitar is obviousy knarly. 

Garrett and Cameron have a long history of playing air guitar together. 

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