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Traveling North to the Arctic

Thursday, January 28, 2016
by Caitlin Carlson

Brooks range

Dalton Hwy heading North to the Galbraith Lake site to collect soil. Photo: Caitlin Carlson

Part II of the Alaska Fieldwork trip of August 2015

Laura and I travelled 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle, through the Brooks Range and along the only road north of Fairbanks toward Prudhoe Bay. The Dalton Hwy or Hwy 11, was paved for only a small portion, the rest a tightly packed gravel road following the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. This was my favorite part of the journey, with minimal human contact and an awesome truck stop in Coldfoot, AK (the only location with gas along the hwy between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay a 500 mile trek) It was already fall here in the middle of August, and we ran into a snowstorm in the middle of the mountains. South of the snowstorm, and Brooks Range proved to be a very sucessful area for collecting insects, in the end we collected over 100 insects for our antimicrobial discovery project. 

Galbraith lake collection site just north of the Brooks Range. Photo: Laura Muller

Arctic Lichen collected at Galbraith lake. Photo: Caitlin Carlson

Fieldwork SUV 

Rental Car after 1,500 miles of gravel road. Photo: Caitlin Carlson

Another collecting site along the Koyukuk River south of the Brooks Range. Very limited traffic and human interaction made us very interesting to the local Arctic Jay population. Photo: Laura Muller

The view heading back south out of the Brooks Range and back towards Fairbanks, AK, and toward the Kenai Penninsula the last destination of our epic transect of Alaska. Photo: Caitlin Carlson

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